Baby Musical Educational Animal Farm

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Intellectual development, hands and brain, interest cultivation, parent-child communication, emotion, auditory, sensory, hand eye coordination, other ability, vision.


Product Specifications:

  • Color: Yellow
  • Style: Educational Toy
  • Play and music appreciation mode free switch, animal buttons will be issued to move the corresponding animal calls
  • The heart function conversion key can be switched in four modes, which to listen or play the music.
  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Battery: 3* AA 1.5V (Not Included)
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 17cm x 15cm x 3cm - 6.69" x 5.9" x 1.18"
  • Note: Not for children under 3 years.


  1. Kid's animal farm piano music toy, upper part with handle, and dogs, lamb, chicken, dallas, pony five animals button.
  2. Baby can learn to recognize different colors, training color recognition ability, perception of rich and colorful world.
  3. The bottom has eight music key: "do re mi fa so la si do", according to the music.


* The first key to conversion: 

it will ask what is the sheep or birds, horses, cattle, and so on, if you press the corresponding animal it will say: right, good, if you press the wrong, it will say: wrong, then look for, at the same time have music accompaniment.


* The second key to conversion: 

no matter which animals you press, corresponding  name and animal calls will appear.


* The third key to conversion: 

different animal will have different music songs.


* The fourth key to conversion: 

different animal will have different music songs with the corresponding animal's voice.


* The fifth key to conversion: 

Hint sound "DO RE MI" will ring, then the baby can play the music belong to himself.